Poppycock Tattoo

Hours: Monday - Saturday: 12 PM - 7 PM; Closed Sunday

Poppycock Tattoo is located on the Corner of 8th & Orange in Downtown Wilmington, Delaware. Established in 2009, we specialize in custom tattoos, cover-up work and body piercing. Between all the artists at Poppycock Tattoo, we have over 40 years of experience in the tattoo industry. Appointments or walk-ins are welcome. Come with an idea in hand or head - we will draw your custom design to your specifications. We also have an abundance of books to look through to help create your perfect tattoo.

Jewelry is included in our piercing prices and we have lots of starter jewelry to choose from. Poppycock Tattoo has one of the largest selections of body jewelry and plugs in Delaware. Our piercers, Eric or SHon, are normally in Monday - Saturday 12 PM - 7 PM, except Wednesday from 5pm-7pm..

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